The Lagos State Number Plate Production Authority (NPPA) was established with an enabling Law of Lagos State in 2006. The establishment of the Authority was precipitated by the need to stem perennial scarcity of number plates.


The Authority has an array of modern, new, up-to-date equipment that produces standardized number plates that are acceptable any where in the world. Our machines are capable of producing 30 number plates per minute. With this scenario, the Authority has comparative advantage to produce number plates for the consumption of the entire Country and even beyond.


To operate a World Standard Vehicular Registration Materials Production Unit in sub-saharan Africa.


To generate Maximum Revenue for Lagos State Government through a well motivated staff.


To produce a minimum of 250,000 Number Plates annually.


To Maintain a sustainable Number Plate Production unit to be able to permanently eradicate scarcity and duplication of Number Plates by strengthening the Series Generation System ( S G S) of the Authority vis-à-vis the Autoreg platform


  • Continuous production of Number Plates.
  • Eradication of Scarcity and Duplication of Number Plates.

The categories of number plates which the Authority specializes in producing are:

  • Regular Standard Number Plates;
  • Commercial Number Plates;
  • Out-of-Series Number Plates;
  • Personalized (Fancy) Number Plates;
  • Articulated Number Plates (used by long vehicles);
  • Government/Agencies Number Plates;
  • Motorcycle Number Plates;
  • Diplomatic Number Plates;
  • Security Number Plates.
  • Dealers’ Number Plates – Ordinary and Special.